Site speed

We apologise for the site running slow, this is due to us being on shared hosting plan, which means our website and hundred of others use the same processor and memory so as such slows us down, we can do things to speed it up but on shared hosting we can not, we will be moving to cloud hosting which will allows to implement the changes to speed the site up but this is sustainably increase in monthly price which we will need to wait until money generated from the site increases to afford, if the performance drops to badly we will upgrade early we are monitoring it on a daily basis.


Passwords how secure is required to prevent me being hacked. This is not really something that can be said, as even the most longest and complex password can be cracked if you have powerful enough computer.

We recommended when making passwords for yourself you follow the following convention, make sure it is at least 8 characters long but preferable 10-12, make sure it contains number, lower and upper case letters.


Testimonials display

There is currently a problem with us display testimonials, when you submit them you can view what you have done and edit it but no one else can see it just now we are working on fixing this but we have no timescale for a fix. If you like to see any testimonials we have let us know we can email them to you.

Ads update

We are now able to remove ads that where a problem to remove before if you see any offensive ads or ones that promote software you think is dubious let us know we will inspect it and if so block it.


We will be removing the ads from all business important pages when it is time to go live, apart from the one at the very bottom, but the ads ill remains on pages like faqs, self help guides etc as we are providing the methods to do the work yourself for free and it will be international so as such having the ads there can generate the company some income for the free work. But all critical business pages like services, prices coverage etc will not have them as these pages are more aimed at local area who require our services in person.

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